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Hello blogging world!! I'm Jenna and I have been meaning to start this blog for monnnnnths now.

My lovely husband and I JUST bought a house (like literally, last Friday! eeek!!), and I wanted to have a space where I can share all of our reno progress with family and with the world.  I am an DIYaholic and I tend to over plan projects or start projects that never get finished, so I am hoping that this blog will also serve as an accountability partner to get my butt motivated to finish all those fabulous things I have pinned for the new house!!

In addition to house and craft related projects, I will be using this blog as my creative outlet and as a way to maybe give a few others out there a little inspiration... whether travel, beauty, food related, etc. I like to describe myself as a jack of all trades-- I tend to have my hand in a little bit of everything at once, just one of the fabulous traits I picked up from my dad :).

Anyway, enough small talk! Lets get down to it!! I am gathering some before pics of the house so that I can share with you guys what we have to work with! Right now we are spending every spare minute working on the house because we have to be out of our apartment by the 30th (so much to do so little time), so forgive me if it takes me a few days to get something up!

While you are waiting, check out my Pinterest here, or head over to "The Girl." to read a little bit about me and mine. You could also check out my blog roll to look any of the wonderful blogs that I run to for my inspiration!

Until next time!

The Girl.

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Hey there lovely people!

My name is Jenna and I am so glad you decided to pop on over and check out what we've got going on!  My ultimate goal for this blog is for it to become a creative and positive space to share my adventures as well as any random tips, tricks or inspiration that might help others out!

A few very random facts about me:

-I am the wifey for 7+ years to my wonderful hubby!
-I'm a fur mom to our two cats Arwyn and Juno and our Beagle Foxhound mix named River
-We bought our first house in September 2012!
-I work full time in the military so this blog is exactly the opposite of my day job.. exactly what I need!
-I LOVE traveling to new places and experiencing new things. The world is my oyster!
-Photography is a secret passion of mine that I am always trying to practice on whoever will let me!
-My inner couch potato could watch Jeopardy! and Law and Order: SVU all day everyday... 
-I am a seriously OCD and nothing helps me de-stress more than organizing and cleaning 
-Decorating this new little home of ours makes my heart so very happy
-I am a thrifter through and through. Jon sometimes has to limit my thrift store shopping to prevent us from going broke or ending up with a house full of projects.
-Speaking of projects, I am -notorious- for starting projects I don't finish... (shunnnnn, I know.)
-I'm the absolute Queen Bee of procrastination and being late. Sue me.
-I am a list girl. Without lists, I would lose my head or forget to breathe. 

Ok I may have gotten a little carried away there.. Follow our journey to learn more!!

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