The Girl.

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Hey there lovely people!

My name is Jenna and I am so glad you decided to pop on over and check out what we've got going on!  My ultimate goal for this blog is for it to become a creative and positive space to share my adventures as well as any random tips, tricks or inspiration that might help others out!

A few very random facts about me:

-I am the wifey for 7+ years to my wonderful hubby!
-I'm a fur mom to our two cats Arwyn and Juno and our Beagle Foxhound mix named River
-We bought our first house in September 2012!
-I work full time in the military so this blog is exactly the opposite of my day job.. exactly what I need!
-I LOVE traveling to new places and experiencing new things. The world is my oyster!
-Photography is a secret passion of mine that I am always trying to practice on whoever will let me!
-My inner couch potato could watch Jeopardy! and Law and Order: SVU all day everyday... 
-I am a seriously OCD and nothing helps me de-stress more than organizing and cleaning 
-Decorating this new little home of ours makes my heart so very happy
-I am a thrifter through and through. Jon sometimes has to limit my thrift store shopping to prevent us from going broke or ending up with a house full of projects.
-Speaking of projects, I am -notorious- for starting projects I don't finish... (shunnnnn, I know.)
-I'm the absolute Queen Bee of procrastination and being late. Sue me.
-I am a list girl. Without lists, I would lose my head or forget to breathe. 

Ok I may have gotten a little carried away there.. Follow our journey to learn more!!


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