In a World of "Somedays"

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Sooo do you ever catch yourself saying "someday"? "Someday, I will finish school.", "Someday, I will own a pair of high waisted shorts", "Someday, I will actually get my butt off the couch and run that mile that I said I would."

I feel that sometimes we can become a broken record of "Somedays". As if whatever thing we feel a passion to be doing couldn't possibly happen today. But the thing is, IT CAN! If we put all that doubt and fear behind us and just jump two feet in and DO IT! Anyone feeling inspired yet?! (I sure hope so.) :) 

I know that one of the many things I've swore I will do "someday" is to travel the world. I want to visit every state in the US, I want to backpack through Europe, I want to stand in every ocean and sleep under the northern lights. I want to experience new cultures and try new foods. I want to meet people from other nations and learn their language, their customs, and all those little special things that make their lives uniquely different from mine.

As a kid, my dad would always make sure that we went on SOME kind of family vacation. We didn't always have the money, but we didn't let that stop us. Sometimes those vacations were camping at the beach or in a National Park. Sometimes it was staying with family in Georgia or Tennessee. Sometimes it was just a day trip to a city we had never been to before. But regardless of how much money was spent (or not spent), we were experiencing something new in a place we had never been. We were getting out of our comfort zone and going on an adventure as a family. This is definitely the reason that I have the love for traveling like I do. 

I have been blessed to have been able to travel with the military. I have gone to some amazing places that I would have never had the chance to visit were it not for the military. I have visited Guam, Alaska, California, Texas, Mississippi, West Virginia and Thailand. I have gone on personal vacations to NYC (which I LOVE!), Mexico, Bahamas and Grand Cayman. I have seen so many beautiful places. 




But there is still SO much left to be seen!! This is why the boo and I have decided that our someday is now! We have been talking about and dreaming about a trip to Italy for YEARS. (Ok, lets be honest. I'VE been dreaming about Italy. Jon doesn't hate traveling but doesn't love it like I do. I swear I'm slowly rubbing off on him though! ;] ) But there was never enough money, or vacation days, or commitment to make it happen. It was always something. Well we were talking and thought, you know what... what the heck are we waiting for? There is no time like now. Sometimes you just gotta stop over thinking it and just make it happen. So that is why I am so incredibly happy to announce... that we will be going to Italy this spring!!! 

AHHHH!!!! I am freaking. out. I am seriously on a level of excitement that I think might scare people. And I just know I have lost followers on Pinterest due to my excessive travel pins. If you're interested, you can check out my travel board on the side. This is the vacation I have always dreamed of and it is FINALLY happening!! It doesn't quite feel like real life and I don't think it will really hit me until we start booking things. But it is real!! Once I have more info I will share the deets, but just know for now that this girl and her boo are going to be traveling to ITALIA!!

What things have you said you will do "someday"? What are you waiting for?! Whatever it is, take the first step to making it happen TODAY!!

Until next time my loves!

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