I Think All Anyone Really Needs Is A Good Adventure

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When we first started talking about this trip many moons ago as newlyweds, it was always Italy that I wanted to go to. When we decided to turn those daydreams into real life, it was Italy we wanted to visit!

What's not to love?

 As I started to actually research the deets of our adventure, I realized that it was so much cheaper to fly into London for the dates we were going. Like hundreds of dollars cheaper. AND the cheapest Airline I could find, Icelandair, let's you make a pit stop in Iceland at no extra cost! How awesome is that?! 

That is when I decided this Italian vacation needed to become a cross continent extravaganza! There are so many wonderful places to see in Europe and who knows if or when we will ever go back! (Although let's be honest, I'm probably, no definitely gonna be going back..)

Now y'all know I make lists for everything. I wanted to figure out exactly which European countries we wanted to visit on this trip, so I am making the mack daddiest of lists. I'm writing out every place I have previously pinned on my Around The World board and other places I have dreamed of visiting. After the first day, it's starting to look a little something like this: 

-Amsterdam, Netherlands
-London, England
-Athens, Greece
-Rome, Italy
-Venice, Italy
-Florence, Italy
-Paris, France
-Beaches of Normandy
-Berlin, Germany
-New Zealand 
-Reykjavik, Iceland
-Copenhagen, Denmark
-Tunnel of love in the Ukraine
-St. Petersburg, Russia
-Swiss Alps
-The Colleseum 
-Lavendar fields in France
-Blue Lagoon in Iceland
-Seljalandsfoss Falls in Iceland
-Alnwick Castle (Hogwarts!!) in England
-Allerton Castle (Secret Garden) in England
-Gouffre de Padirac
-Vatican City
-Lovelock bridge in Paris
-Parthenon and Pantheon
-Sistine Chapel 
-Verona, Italy (Romeo and Juliet)

Ok so I might have gotten a little excited.. Unless I'm going to quit my job and spend the summer backpacking across Europe (which is tempting), I'm gonna have to narrow this baby down. 

Any advice from my readers? Where would you go? Have you been to any of these places? Help a sister out!! 


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