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Happy 4th ya'll! We are celebrating freedom by spending the weekend in North Port / Land O Lakes with some awesome friends and family! We even brought River along!

Meet our lovely friend Jessie. :) We don't get to see her very often so it was refreshing to stay with her and her new husband (eek! Still weird to say that!) for a portion of the weekend!

They have a beagle named Bailey that is the same age as River and they are the best frienemies you will ever see. Seriously, it was hilarious to watch these two together. They were perfect for each other because they both have ridiculous amounts of energy. By the end of the weekend though, they decided their friendship needed a break. It was better for everyone. Ok, am I the only weirdo who talks about my dog like she's a person?! I know I can't be...

Someone was a tired little pup. Adorbs, I know.

How did you guys spend your fourth?! Did you have a cookout? Did you blow things up?! Did you take a hundred pictures of your dog like I did?! Regardless of how you celebrated, just remember that you are blessed to have the freedom to do so!! Till next time!


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