An Ode to October

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October is probably my favorite month of the entire year. 

It has a way of making me feel refreshed and renewed and just puts the biggest smile on my face! Yes, yes my birthday IS this month.. a birthday month I share with my two very best friends.. maybe thats why October usually makes me feel nostalgic and happy and loved.

October feels to me, like a big start button to the entire year! I usually start thinking of all the fantastic life experiences and all the struggles I experienced over the past year and how all those things can help me create what ever kind of better and older wiser person I want myself to be in this new year of my life.

Other than just birthdays, there are so many other things about this PERFECT month that I know you all just cannot get enough of too. :) So in honor of this obviously awesome month.... I give you my not so poetically correct ode to all the things that make October so loveable.

1. The start of my FAVORITE time of the year: Fall!!

2. That chilly fall crisp air that convinces us Floridians that its time to break out the scarves and boots! To all my non southern friends... contain your laugh if you please.

3. Pumpkin Spice everything.. yes, I'm one of those girls.. NO SHAME.

4. The leaves starting to change colors.

5. Homey, warm and inviting candle scents. (I am a candle fanatic.)

6. Morning snuggling on the couch with a warm cup of coffee or tea to warm your soul.

7. Bonfires and oyster roasts!

8. Football season is in full swing!! I don't follow football as much as I should but I love watching the games and supporting my boys! (GO GATORS!!)

9. That brings me to the highlight of football season for me... the UF vs. UGA game! Even if you don't like football you can still appreciate the Florida Georgia game in this city.

* I have to elaborate a little on this one... In this part of the state we are so close to Georgia that it when it comes to college football your more than likely either a FSU, UF or UGA fan. Smack talk is required. This game can make or break friendships, ya'll. It happens every year on my birthday weekend and there are always concerts and events the 3 days prior.

Me and one of my besties have our own tradition close to 10 years running of breakfast that morning at Waffle House where we dress up in our Orange and Blue and go watch people eat breakfast and yell at each other across the diner about how much the others team sucks. It's awesome and I love every minute of it. I've even got my husband to start tagging along and he hates football AND waffle house. I know I know... how is that even possible right?? Who hates Waffle House!?!

10. Although it's not my favorite holiday because it interferes with my birthday... I have learned to start loving Halloween for the sheer fact that every year the hubs and I make our own costumes from scratch or from thrift store finds. It's so fun to use the cheapest of things to make some pretty believable costumes. Jon oozes creativity and seeing him come up with such unique ideas really just reminds me how incredibly awesome this man is that I call my husband. I'm a lucky lady.

11. Warm chili season!!!

12. The return of The Walking Dead. Reason enough to love October.

13. The beginning of all the holidays that just make your heart happy. Its like the season premiere that gets you all excited for whats to come! Thanksgiving, CHRISTMAS!!! Ahh I'm getting all giddy just thinking about it!!

Ok so I know that there are hundreds more reasons that October is awesome, so tell me.. What is it that you love about October?? I know I'm not alone!

I hope your month is full of all of the things that bring you joy and that bring the fall season to life!!!


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