If I Had To Choose Again, I'd Still Choose You.

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Happy belated Valentine's Day, you beautiful people! 

I know today is a controversial day. Some people love it, some hate it.

The mister and I celebrate but we usually challenge ourselves to something that proves our love rather than how much money we can spend. We have a 5$ rule. We can only spend 5$ or whatever we already have in the house. I love how this challenges you to really be creative and do something outside of the box. Also, handmade gifts from my boo mean so much more to me. Like two years ago he sculpted me a barn owl out of clay we had (he's a pretty talented guy! :]) and made me a collage with pictures of us that I still have hanging in my cubicle at work. Swooooon! I'm a lucky lady!

This year though, Jon cheated. I don't mind too terribly much. ;) He still made me a beautiful framed gilded heart 3d sculpture, but he also had these delivered:

I hate roses as gifts because they are so not original and they die in a matter of days. I would rather have a bouquet of wild flowers any day over roses. 

However, these were so beautiful and his message was so sweet. Something about having flowers delivered just makes you feel so special. You get to show off how awesome your love is to everyone at the office! Every time I looked at them, my stomach fluttered and I couldn't stop smiling. :)

He came home from work to this:

We spent the rest of the night cooking the most fantastic steak dinner with a side of three cheese cast iron skillet mac and cheese and roasted red potatoes. Guys, that was the best Mac and Cheese I have EVER had. Like in my entire life. I may eat mac and cheese for dinner for the rest of the weekend.. Find the recipe here.

I love my boo more than words and couldn't have hoped for a better way to celebrate what we share!

How was your V-Day? Did you celebrate this day of love?!


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