Sunny Days Are My Favorite

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Happy Sunday lovelies!! Today was such a beautiful day that we just HAD to get out and enjoy all the beauty it had to offer. It has been a little chilly here lately (for us Floridians that means its been at least in the 60's..) so it was nice to soak up a few rays with the hubby and our littlest love. 

We took River out to pick up lunch at a local pizza place and then brought it back for a picnic on a blanket the backyard followed by a catnap cuddle session under the big blue sunny skies. 

There is nothing I love more than getting away from the chaos of life to just enjoy the simple things we normally forget to appreciate. Warm sun on my face, birds chirping, the trees swaying in the wind.. its very peaceful and humbling. These kinds of days ALWAYS put a smile on my face and make me want to just open all the windows and let the brightness shine in with its cheery warmth!  

PS. This day was especially wonderful because I got to spend it with the man who is my absolute best friend. :) He's a pretty awesome human being.

Sitting outside on this sunny day while munching down on a delicious NY style white pizza gave me the feeling of spring/summer and I couldn't be more excited for all that comes with that! Mostly arts and farmers markets, concerts, fireworks, days at the lake, BBQing, swimming and spending time with those we love most! 

Here's to hoping your day was full of sunshine too! 


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