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I find that on days I'm feeling discouraged or if I just can't shake a bad mood, reading a positive or truthful quote can help me refocus my energy and brighten my attitude. For this reason, I'm going to start sharing those quotes with you guys so we can get encouraged together!

A lot of the quotes I read and love are on my Pinterest board Truth and Funnies so if you need even more of a mood boost, go look at it and get motivated!

Today I needed to see this quote by Andrew Murphy:

I have a bad habit of planning things to death. By the time I get around to doing whatever it was, I've taken the magic out of it.

Today's victim was this blog. I have not been good at consistent posting in the past, mostly because I over think it and spend HOURS on the most insignificant details. Today was no exception. Such dumb things that this blog started to become more of a chore than a place of freedom for me. I was too afraid of making a mistake and didn't step out and just do it.

This quote has really made the light bulb go off in my perfectionist mind and makes me realize that although details can be important, not all of them are. I'd rather have an imperfect post than no post at all. I'd rather spill my heart to you guys, even if it might be a bit flawed than get so discouraged in the process that I just quit. So from now on I'm going to commit to stop boxing myself into a corner! I'm going to let go and give this blog the chance to become what it was meant to be- a place for creativity, inspiration and fun.

Do you have this problem too? Are you your own worst enemy?

Decide today to break down those barriers and allow yourself to make mistakes! You can do it!


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