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So we haven't quite narrowed it down to where we will be vacaying but one thing is for sure, we are going to need some new traveling shoes! Every place on our list will require lots and lots of walking so my 15$ Target flats are just not going to cut it. I've been looking into some comfy but cute options and this is what I have narrowed it down to:

Crocs Cap Toe Flats- 

These shoes have rave reviews and although Crocs aren't known for being fashionable these aren't too bad on the eyes. I have a pair of Crocs that I LOVE and are super comfy but they aren't the cutest so these would make a great alternative. I'm liking either the black or the stucco colors. At 40$, my purse likes this option too!


These babies are one of the highest reviewed travel flats I could find. The bottoms are padded with rubber padding and they have a cushioned instep to make them feel more like tennis shoes while walking around all day in them. They are also made of real leather so they last SO much longer. In addition to both of these wonderful features, they also fold in half for easy storage, which means more room in my suitcase for scarves! I would love one of these in every. single. color. My three favs are black, nude patent and navy. The only downside to these are the pricetag.. The ones I am looking at range from $165-$195.. ouch I know. Reviews swear it's worth it.

Clark's Grayson Erica

These rose colored flats are by far the most attractive pair on the list. These flats are so cute, its hard to believe that they are comfortable too! One reviewer said she walked all over Barcelona in these and her feet didn't bother her one bit. She may have sold me with that one review.. not to mention these are real leather and have an OrthoLite foot bed to add to the comfort. At a mid range price of 100$, these are a good option for me to get some quality shoes without spending half of my vacation money! 

So what do you guys think? Have you ever owned one of these shoes? Do you have any suggestions that I didn't mention?

Until next time!


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