Birthday (Halloween) Shenanagins

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One good thing about having your birthday on Halloween is getting to dress up to celebrate!! 

Every year we DIY our costumes from thrift store finds and craft store raids (Have I mentioned how uber creative my hubs is?! Seriously, it blows my mind.) We usually try to choose a group costume theme, and since my hubby is a huge comic book nerd.. he suggested a Batman villain themed costume party! I thought it sounded so perfect! We each made our own costumes and then helped put together most of the others.

Of course a Villain party wouldn't be complete without the mugshots to prove it happened!


Joker (obviously!)


Two Face / Harvey Dent


Poison Ivy
Talia al Ghul

Bane and Talia

I realized later that since I was the one taking most of the pictures, I have no mugshot of me! This one of me with my little brother and far off future sister-in-law is about the only one you can even tell that I'm Harley Quinn! 

More groupies with bad lighting..

We had a BLAST and it is always just so great to have some of my favorite people together in one place! It made the blow of officially being in that "late 20's" bracket not feel so bad. :)

Here's to 26 and all of the awesome things I know it will hold!


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