Elsa Halloween Dress!

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So for the past two weeks or so I have spent every spare minute covered in glitter with this view.

Why? Because one of the sweetest and most special little girls in my life asked me to make her an Elsa costume with a lonnnng train for Halloween. And when a 5 year old asks you in her sweetest voice if you can make her look like a Princess.. er.. Queen.. You do it.

One of my very best friends and Dakota's mom, Jeneen, had actually been looking for a nice Elsa dress for a while now. Because to no ones surprise, Kota loves Frozen just as much as every other little girl on the planet, she HAD to be Queen Elsa for Halloween. Unfortunately, Kota is a little taller than most girls her age so most costumes Jeneen found seemed to not fit her quite right and the ones that did were just NOT affordable.

So I did what any good Aunt would do and I consulted my good friend Pinterest to make Kota's wish a reality! I found a few dresses that looked how we wanted, went and bought the fabric and then started to wing it came up with a plan to sew this baby together.

I have some self taught / youtube taught sewing experience, have altered already made clothes and have been known to sew a pillow or two. But sewing for a kid is surprisingly more difficult since they don't have the same curves I'm used to sewing for. It was a lot of  trial and error and fittings, but in the end we ended up with something not terrible that she absolutely LOVED. And really, thats all that mattered to me.

When I showed it to her she gave me the biggest grin and insisted that she had to put it on right then and wear it home. That's when I knew that no matter how bad my sewing skills were, no matter how many frustrating hours I spent, and no matter how badly I never wanted to see an Elsa costume again... it was totally, definitely worth it.

This is her 1 minute braid, 11 pm Queen Elsa pose.

Here's my beautiful little lady on Halloween!

I think its safe to say it will be a while before I can go near a sewing machine or Frozen again. Also, mad respect for all you seamstresses out there!


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