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This is the second of three posts on how to book airfare like a boss. Check out the first one here. Go ahead, we all love saving a little mulah. 

I am an airline snob. There I said it. I'm all about saving money but if I see a Delta flight for 20$ cheaper than Jetblue or Southwest, I'm gonna skip over that Delta flight every time. There's just something about a friendly staff, in flight movies or free wifi that make my heart smile. And yes, I am saying Delta has none of those.

Here are the airlines we used on our big trip and why we did or didn't love them.

Jetblue- I am a lover of Jetblue. Knock on wood, they have never let me down. I am always warmly greeted and the flight is always comfortable. Our flight was a 6am flight direct to NYC but it wasn't as miserable as it sounds thanks to this airline. In addition to their wonderful in flight services and amenities, their booking process is pretty fantastic too. The website is easy to use and as I mentioned in this post, they offer credit back if your flight's price drops. Whats not to love!

Icelandair- This is the best kept secret of european airlines! Icelandair was literally half the price of its competitors. That alone was enough reason to use them. They also offer free stopovers in Iceland with no additional fees or charges. Obviously you are still responsible for lodging, food, ect. I won't get into it here, but Iceland is definitely worth visiting.

Truuuust me. Iceland is the most beautiful and unique place I have ever visited. I got a little nervous when saw the very mixed reviews on the quality of the airline. It only had 3 stars on most review sites. Yikes. I don't know what those reviewers were on, but Icelandair is a solid 4 1/2 star airline.

From our experience I will tell you that I LOVE Icelandair. The customer service is good, the seats are super comfortable, there is a USB in every seat for charging your devices, there are numerous movies you can watch in the headrest in front of your seat (Jon definitely loved this!), you can buy onboard wifi (or get it free if you are a Saga member!) and you get a good quality blanket.. not some thin sheet like other airlines (Hey! Comfort is important!). Overall, I loved Icelandair and would fly with them again in a heartbeat.

RyanAir- RyanAir sucks. This is a well known fact. The seats are cramped, there are no complimentary drinks or snacks in flight, and when you land they play a ridiculously loud and annoying bugle recording. The biggest reason everyone hates them is that they charge you a ridiculous amount for luggage and are super strict on the size and weight requirements for that luggage.

BUT (here's why we booked them-->) they have some of the cheapest flights in Europe. Price wise they beat out every. single. airline. Like on every flight we checked on. They fly within Europe and are known for their 10 euro flights. Our BnB host in Rome even said she has flown with them 3 times for only one cent. Are you kidding me?? ONE CENT?! This is reason enough to suck it up, pack light and book your flight with them. If you know what you're getting into up front, it eases the pain.

Have you ever used any of these airlines? Do you have an airline that you swear by?? Share in the comments!


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