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This is the last post in the "Airfare" portion of TWP! Booo, I know. But now its time, my little baby birds, to spread your wings and fly! (Forgive my pun loving self..)

Check the first two posts here and here for more on airfare money saving madness.

I mentioned in this post that flying into alternate airports can sometimes save you mulah, so I want to give ya'll more info on what airports we flew into and out of and logistical tips on how to make it a smooth trip if you use the same airports we did. 

London: Flew into London Heathrow and out of Stansted

From Heathrow- You can take the Heathrow Express or the Underground into London. The Heathrow Express only takes 15 minutes to the first stop but is nearly 10x more expensive than the Underground if you use an Oyster card. The Oyster card is a reload-able card that you can put money on and then continue to use it during your stay in London. If you go this route, one journey costs between 2.20 and 4.50 euros depending on what zones you are crossing and the time of day. Most people will only cross one or two zones so they should get the cheaper fare. If you travel multiple journeys in one day, it will only charge you up to the daily rate for the Oyster card which is between an average of 8 euros. See this chart for current prices.

To Stansted- We took a bus from Liverpool station that cost 8.50 euros pp and took an hour. This is the official site for the Stansted airport where you can book a bus to or from London. You can also buy a ticket at the station.

Venice: Flew into Treviso

From Treviso- We took the ATVO which is the airport bus system from Treviso to Venice Santa Lucia Railroad. This cost 10 euros pp for a single ticket and took about an hour. If you do this, make sure you take the bus to Santa Lucia and not Mestre. Venice S.L. is actually on the island in the city of Venice and Mestre is on the mainland. If you end up in Mestre you will have to buy a train ticket to S.L. Once to Venice S.L. we took a Vaporetto to the bus stop near our BnB. This essentially a public ferry boat and cost €6.50. per journey. Don't get fooled into a water taxi which is a private boat from the station to your stop. These babies can cost between 40 and 70 euros! Ouch!

Rome: Flew out of Ciampino

To Ciampino- We flew out at 6am so the bus system wasn't an option for us. If you aren't flying to early or late, see if the buses will work for you. It might be a pain if you have lots of luggage, but it's so much cheaper. We took a taxi from our BnB to Ciampino which cost 30 euros. This is a flat rate set by the city for all taxi's to charge to from Rome to that particular airport but some sneaky cab drivers try to pull one over on tourists... so don't get swindled!! Our cabby actually tried to charge us 45 euros but we knew better and only gave him the flat rate. I will say that was the scariest, fastest car ride I have ever been on in my entire life. So rider's beware- try not to die if you take a cab.

Paris: Flew into Paris Beauvais and out of Charles de Gaulle
From Beauvais- We took a shuttle which drops off at a mall where the Maillot metro stop is. It cost 17 euros pp and took 1 hr 15 min.

To Charles de Gaulle- We took the metro from our BnB to the RER B. This line will take you to CDG and you can either get off at Terminal 3 or 2. If you need to go to Terminal 1 like us, you will have to get off at 3 and take another shuttle to Terminal 1.  This takes about an hour total and cost 10 euros. PSA: This was one of the most stressful and confusing airports to get to for us. I didn't do as much research in advance as I should have and man did I pay for it. If our flight hadn't been delayed there's no doubt we would've missed our flight. So learn from our mistake and give yourself plenty of time to get there!! This website has an absolutely amazing break down of this journey as well as prices, maps and breakdowns of the Paris metro in general.


Will you be using any of these airports in a vacay you've got planned? If you've used them in the past, do you have any tips to add??


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